St John the Evangelist

1300 Charles St, Wellsburg WV 26070

Altar Rosary

As the name indicates, the Altar Rosary Society promotes the praying of the Rosary to parishioners and visitors of Saint John the Evangelist parish and Holy Family Mission.

Since 1998, the Altar Rosary Society has raised over $6,000 that benefit not only the parish but the community of Wellsburg. Some of the contributions made by the Altar Rosary Society to the parish and community are:

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  • "Welcome to Wellsburg" signs
  • Fax and Scanner for St. John Elementary School
  • Ligouri Books
  • Organ Fund
  • Yearly Donation to the Cancer Society's Relay for Life
  • AIM Baby Shower
  • Donations to "Bernie's Kids"

The Society also provide funeral luncheons for the families and friends of deceased parishioners. Additionally, gifts are provided to first communion and confirmation classes